Spring naar inhoud
januari 14, 2012 / nicolejachmann

Sex is better on the bahamas

I knew that title would draw your attention. Too bad there’s not gonna be a matching story to that hahaha. My remaining days on the Bahamas were fun, met some cool people, couchsurfed for the first time and just hung around. For the last day I just wondered around and that was were the clifhanger (opener in this case?) that made you start to read my little story came from. As I was walking around I gathered some comments from the male audience on the Island. All was good and fine, untill one of them was trying to convince me of the fact that coitus in Nassau is way better than anywhere else. That seemed like the perfect time for me to flee into a local bus to go to another area, and so I did. Spend the rest of the day on the beach, safely next to the Hilton and other burning toerists.

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januari 9, 2012 / nicolejachmann

Bahamian living

Happy new year! Hope 2012 will bring a lot of good things for everyone! (Better late than never right, right?)

So after NYC being my home away from home I am in the bahamas right now. Ill shortly update on the last couple of days, starting with new years eve. Two of my flatmates, the Japanese guys, went to Times square for New Years eve yesterday. They left at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and from then on had no acces to a restroom any more.. Verder lezen…

december 29, 2011 / nicolejachmann

I want to be part of it

Lovin New York city so far. Three friends and myself have rented an appartment near Times Square. The appartment belongs to a photographer and musiccomposer and his wife/girlfriend? And it seems like their renting the place if they’re not using it. Verder lezen…

december 23, 2011 / nicolejachmann

On tour with half of chinatown

Since last time I wrote we’ve been to Niagara falls, Boston (saw Harvard, made a cruise etc.) and we drove back to New York to end our tour with half of Chinatown. We literally have seen every chinatown on our tour. In every city and with every possibility he had our tourguide took us to show us another side of China. Now two of my friends left, one went back home to Morocco, while the other went to Alaska, where she will be spending time with family for 2 months. Verder lezen…

december 22, 2011 / nicolejachmann

Long time no see

I am writing this from Boston, while we have to get up in a few hours to go to New York city again. We, meaning three friends and myself, went on a tour from NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and the Niagara falls. We are accompanied by about 40 chinese people on a tourbus, which means that we rush our way through every city and try to click our camera’s as fast as we can to get some proof of our existence in these places.

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december 2, 2011 / nicolejachmann

Water, ice and moist

This week and the next two upcoming weeks all evolve around coffee, stress, late night dates in the library and burning eyes from staring at a computerscreen. I handed in my final project for my intro to videoclass. I’m not really satisfied with this one, but I had to hand it in today. So I did. The original idea was to do something with the four elements; fire, water, earth and wind. The idea was there, yet because of a lack of time only water survived :s

So, don’t judge to harsh 😉


november 28, 2011 / nicolejachmann

Michigan, thanksgiving and yahoo purple

As you can see in these pictures I’ve been very busy during the last couple of weeks. Among other things with scanning my face, jumping and freezing my butt of on mount baldy. The weather over here was colder for a while, yet right now it’s back to 25 degrees again. Verder lezen…